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The power of ambition

first_imgAmbition has always been seen in a negative way of life. If you’re too ambitious, either you’re too greedy, or you’re unhappy with what you have. No one seems to think that it may be because of the fact that you have always aimed higher in life.Taking the case of Harry Potter, with the exception of a very few, the whole Slytherin house has been depicted as pure evil and full of narcissists, and the criteria for entry into the house, being ambition. If you’re ambitious, you’re probably planning to make Horcruxes and drink Unicorn blood.But is it wrong? It may sometimes, destabilize the perfect position or situation you might be in, but it’s always dependent on the perception of the person. If he or she can cope with the stress of it all, then they should surely go for it, as ambition is never, for the faint-hearted.And it’s just not only about your ambition. Look at you, right now. Aren’t you doing something? Studying or working? Isn’t what you’re doing a culmination of your own ambition and those near and dear to you? Either you wanted to be in the situation you’re in or you were made to do it by someone else’s ambitions.So it’s not like it isn’t rampant in the world, it has just taken an invisible form and is present all around you and in everything you do. So, it might as well be your own, then being crushed under the burden of someone else.You may, as well, try to suppress that need to want something, but it’ll only increase exponentially over time to an unfathomable regret, later in life.So why not act on it now than grow old, and think about what you could’ve been, or could’ve done, had you not, listened, and conformed to what society wanted and needed for you.last_img read more