Month: July 2017

Site promotion, a week of self summary

my website is for others to do, I know nothing about promotion, after this period of study, I think these experiences for a person like me can not help in the new novice. Promotion website a week after summing up their own experience learned, and I hope to help you, but also hope that the older generation exhibitions.

1 on the QQ and find Links group, add more exchanges, strive for more high PR value links. Add more external connections, the best PR value is relatively high, of course, you think so, others hope so, so how to choose the external connection to see yourself, read more

Talking about the station building feeling in these years

05, 31, I wrote an article about what is the most important thing to do. It says, "if you follow this line of thinking for half a year and don’t succeed, contact me. I’ll give you advice for free, and then leave my QQ."". For the next two days, I spent most of my time chatting with my QQ webmaster. This experience has given me a lot of emotion.

I added

QQ station is divided into three categories: have their own station, do a period of time, not what big breakthrough; also does not have its own website, want to do one more hope that their website after it can rise quickly, preferably overnight; the third is to optimize their own company site. This also further verified my conjecture: all day in the webmaster network, especially A5 such large-scale professional website mix of people, most of the station is the novice level character, need a lot of relevant knowledge to enrich themselves. Remember long ago when I saw an article written by Wang Tong, really make money webmaster is not out to speak, because they don’t want more people to own cake. That makes sense. Remember, ZZ magazine said that before the fish made IM286, one of his friends found the opportunity to use foreign union to brush money and did not tell the fish. That’s one reason fish makes IM286, too. Share it. read more

The best way to improve web traffic

some time ago to write a "traffic soaring cheats" published in my blog, the first is in my personal blog "webmaster of novelty, the address is here, then I will fall behind, only in the Admin5, webmaster Chinese these three sites to send, I found a lot of friends my article reprinted in other sites, but there is no sign reproduced, sad ah, but never mind, we share, I would write a article about the flow to improve now, hope that we exchange what.

recently read a lot about the website of the article, a lot of uneven, some say seems high, actually a lot just highfalutin it is very difficult for beginners, so I according to their own website to summarize the experience of some of the more practical methods to understand and talk about how to do their own site and improve site traffic. You know IP is a site of life, and the quality of the site is the key to high IP. read more

The past, such as wind, talk about webmaster mentality

Hello, I am

in the wind

thanks, as long as there’s one person I’ll talk about,

do standing for 5 years, technically is rookie, will only use CMS, talk about as webmaster should have mentality, if speak bad, can ignore my existence. My previous net name, ha!

today, I’d like to say 5 points,

1 webmaster’s body is more important than website. Webmaster is hard, not necessarily earlier than the chicken, but sleep certainly later than the dog, no matter how good your body is now, every day or an hour to exercise it! Smoke less, do not squander your youth, and overdraw your health. There is a saying " remember to mix up, sooner or later " I believe the same here as effective read more

Talk about why Adsense.ORG domain name as a station

Preface: always want to write things, do not know we know,.Org not. Let me first introduce that.ORG was originally a country top-level domain, but it has now been widely used as a general domain. .ORG is the new global international top-level domain, which has the same nature, function and registration principles as.COM,.NET and.ORG (suitable for individual and unit applications). .ORG – applicable to all types of organizations, including non-profit organizations. Anyone can register the domain name.ORG, meaning clear, easy to remember. The.ORG domain is rich in resources, huge commercial potential, and users need not also install additional software, as a global top-level domain, which is more convenient for people to recognize and remember, has been a new generation of Internet users is widely recognized and accepted. read more

Where d vertical business why universal tragedy how to break through

vertical electricity supplier focused on market segments, the industry and product understanding is more profound, and therefore more likely to make features to meet the needs of a particular type of user groups, there is the market value of its existence. But in the electronic commerce rapid growth of more than 10 years, the development of vertical electricity supplier has not been satisfactory, although, and a few industry star, but unhappy is the most, we have seen the sale of red child Suning, Mcglaughlin gradually wither, where the customer is experiencing a transformation of the storm, more a large number of former stars such as cotton, poly mesh products, carved out of people’s vision. read more

Future vertical electricity supplier industry, nternet Co to defeat traditional enterprises

in the future of the mobile Internet era, especially vertical electricity supplier industry, Internet Co to defeat traditional enterprises. In the traditional industry, and not on the concept of pure traditional enterprises have been closed, but started from the traditional industries, in the mobile Internet era, with an open mind to learn from the Internet thinking, the line began to extend to the line of traditional enterprises, the reason for the "extension" instead of transformation because the traditional enterprise does not exist, the transformation of the Internet said. read more

Fab future is uncertain, the founder and made a flash shopping site

Fab, the founder and former creative director of

, an e-commerce business specializing in designer products, Bradford, Shellhammer, recently made headlines again in major media outlets. The site, which was founded in June 2011, had a brief scene in the early days, but then declined rapidly.

that’s why Shellhammer decided to leave in November 2013. 1 years later, he brought his own new venture – Flash shopping site Bezar. "No one else would want this guy to start a Fab’again." Shellhammer, in an interview with Re/code, recalls the idea that he had just left office. But then he decided quickly, no matter what other people thought. read more

2013, network optimization steps positioning, analysis, keyword selection, attack

author (if this article is helpful to you, welcome to QQ consulting, exchange. QQ:2529425294) now just a rookie. The following point of view is only my experience, if there is a mistake, please correct me, we must amend, thank you for your first friends.


inside the University of choice is the electronic commerce, it said, two years of study, he did not learn much knowledge, near graduation, he is very interested in the website, to read a lot of books about network promotion on the Internet, there is a general direction of network promotion. read more

7 classic laws guide website operations

I have always advocated a point of view, only a little attention in the Internet the Internet circle of friends do not, or only focus on some of the so-called Internet marketing techniques, and all Internet unrelated articles or techniques are directly or skipped without attention, this is a misunderstanding. In fact, many Internet marketing skills is a high technology, there is no foundation and excessive precipitation, most of the time we called "cheats" is also out of their own to explore, and can not be said to be a theory or law. read more