Look at the future optimization of the road from the search results. The change of love in Shanghai


Google search results

look after the love of Shanghai "Nanchang stomach hospital" the love of Shanghai first website address (copy the link address):

As for the



analysis of the reasons for the change of love in Shanghai, or from the 360 and Google to start, as everyone knows, Google has withdrawn from the China market for a period of time, love Shanghai in the search industry when the boss N for a long time, but before the exit Chinese market in Google, it is always love Shanghai’s younger brother, is in many ways like Google marketing mode. Google has issued a notice in September this year announced the presentation of results has been changed to its search, and describes it as one of the most important innovations in the 12 year history of the company.

Google put this reform called search results presentation of major change, is actually reflected in the search results. Love should be in Shanghai were subsequently changed, the change is Google search users will see Google back to the top of the results, which will be more prominent in those search results by the company. Google spokesman said: the special emphasis on the list.


love Shanghai and what time to start the search results 360 tricks, I do not know the exact date, but certainly not too early. So why does Shanghai want love It is without rhyme or reason., make such a change in their search results on

after a round of love K station in Shanghai after the storm, love Shanghai recently has no big movement, which makes us webmasters slightly relieved, but careful webmaster can still find love in Shanghai is still a little change. Some of the usual search keywords, in the result, the opponent’s site, I love love Shanghai directly in the search results to copy it links, however, recently I found that this method does not work, directly copy the link address to get a pile of letters and numbers, not love Shanghai website search results the real address, which makes me very curious, have made a careful study of the behind this change hidden in the end what, what are the tips for our future way of the optimization of the

360 search results


obviously can see that they have a common characteristic, its own web site with a code.


is obviously a bunch of out of order code, the only address we can know is love Shanghai.

the following results is the author’s point of view, specially out for everyone to share, I hope everyone concerned about this change, study it together:

look at Google and 360 search results (also copy the link by:

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