Novice Shanghai dragon Er how to use nofollow Tags

a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er does not know what is Nofollow Nofolloow? What is the role? And those common ways? Today, Charlotte was Nofollow under simple introduction and use, let us website have better ranking.

because I am using Firefox flow device, so that the plug-in is a Firefox plugin: SearchStatus installation method:

Nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag value. "It is forbidden to grab a spider crawling, this link. According to my understanding, there are 163 Sina blog blog to add nofollow tags, the main factor is to avoid the weight of their own website spread out. Know how to use the nofollow tag, the website optimization is very helpful. The nofollow tag is one of the important factors in Shanghai Longfeng Er station station optimization.

, what is the role?


, how should we use the nofollow label? Here are two nofollow usage:

Nofollow banned spider crawling, grab this link. In the search engine, it can prevent the spider crawling and weight transfer. For example: B2B in the web page, such as set home, business center, member services, and help users in terms of page, and no keywords you want to do. It is for you not a ranking what role page. You can use nofollow. If you don’t use nofollow, the search engine will be assigned to each link weight average page. There are some pictures in the advertising website can also add nofollow tags, tell search engines this is advertising. Don’t pass your weight.

three, recommend a view nofollow tag plugin

              1, for meta Meta Tags: < meta name= "robots" content= "nofollow" />, tell the spider on the page; all the links don’t crawl, crawl.

, Firefox 1 flow device "tools" option, the "attachment" to enter the

two Nofollow

              2, < a for a Tags: href= "贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝" rel= "nofollow" > Fuzhou Shanghai dragon plan < /a>, don’t tell the spider crawling, grab the page www.hvsem贵族宝贝.

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