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1, suitable for the establishment of its own, the information systems such as DEDECMS, 5UCMS, CMS Empire, PHPCMS, forum systems such as DZ1.5, PHPWIND, blog system such as Z-BLOG, WOUDPRESS, classification of information such as MYMPS, PHPMPS, Qi Bo classification information etc.. Choose their own is the best, the search engine will certainly think so.

, our search engine can solve the problem of a majority, so full of content, the search engine is generally not ignored, so how do we make our website as soon as possible to be included? Came to.

search engine fast charge >

2, the search engine friendly website, to FLASH website, to minimize the use of JS and pictures, using the structure of DIV+CSS as far as possible. Concise web page title, navigation and directory clear, flat tree structure to search engine crawling, user-friendly breadcrumb navigation etc..

search engine fast included tips of web content

just said, our website should have rich content to meet the needs of users, but also easy to search engine crawling. There are some factors we should consider:

search engine website standards: the website must have rich content to meet the needs of users, and the search engine spiders crawling into this case, search engine will be included in your website, even a new station, will be timely collection of. Then we have the above two issues to discuss respectively.

The content of the website of search engine spiders build our bait Firstly, we analyze

4, we must be able to meet the needs of users, for example, we can sell shoes, then meet the needs of the people to buy shoes, we provide the game strategy, it can meet the needs of game lovers, we can provide Shanghai dragon tutorial, beginners can meet the demand of Shanghai dragon. So we need to be able to meet the needs of users, now on the network with various station group software, the rapid establishment of software, pseudo original software, the things you even cannot read, of course, not to mention the demand. This is a lot of garbage station friends have complained why search engine not included.

3, the need to have rich content around the theme of a search engine friendly website, if a website is Beaming with Joy and grey wolf content, and in the sale of cars, but also provide computer maintenance services, while providing website optimization, then the content is certainly unreasonable.

In fact, the content of

today to see the love there is a lot of friends are very concerned about their own website how to search engine quickly included inside the Shanghai problem. Here there are many friends have spoken, I also talk about my own search engines fast included experience and skills:

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