Note the Links exchange

to view this website is many, if the weight of a website is 4, his Links are more than 100, then you exchange with him, almost too much weight, this is the exchange time must pay attention to the quality of the chain, especially the export chain or not exchange, on your site is not what good.


PR value and weight are basically the same, that the site’s ability to size, whether there is convincing, and love of Shanghai is almost proportional to the snapshot. Of course, is also associated with the length of time domain, PR the higher the better, although this is from Google, but still love Shanghai very seriously as a site of PR, after all, the search engine will mature a lot of big brother.



The number of

to view the contents on the website is updated frequently, whether the acquisition, whether the pseudo original, if the original content is updated every day, with every day, then this site is good.

check whether the site updated frequently.

is mainly to see whether the use of the JS call and joined nofollow. The search engine is called on the JS chain and joined nofol>

Links is cheating.

tools / materials



view the website snapshot and included.

website PR value.

you know the website snapshot could prove a website to the search engine friendly degree directly, and the search engine is to pay attention to this website. If the snapshot of a web site is updated every day, so enough to prove love Shanghai spiders very frequently, the search engine is also paid attention to this website. This is not to say that the collection included many good, because I want to see how long the site, if it is a new station, as long as the snapshot update is not to keep up with what the big problem.

The number of Links

Links is crucial in a website, love Shanghai spiders in the Links favor and value ratio is also high, Links exchange and purchase Links is not less than in the operation of a website, many owners do not know when the exchange Links are what should be paid attention to, because if you take care not carefully, will directly affect the collection of your site, there might even be love Shanghai K off. So we in Ji’nan construction site in exchange Links still needs careful consideration. If you are not clear about how to promote the website, love Shanghai spider crawling rules, so please look at our previous post "enterprise website how to promote your web site", "web site do, how should maintain, how to operate the site?", "love the sea search engine spiders working principle analysis. ". Specific precautions in the exchange of Links as follows:



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