love Shanghai three by the website snapshot update trigger

then, I have seen too much directly from the snapshot snapshot to a few years ago the example of these reasons is your own website for improper operation, or change a little or no correlation of the title, the change of servers, these are the reasons why, in fact, before doing this must be good the planning for Shanghai’s reaction love must have a bottom, modify the program, be sure to evaluate their influence on the website, is love Shanghai snapshots of the most direct questions, when the snapshot directly down to a few years ago, it could be your server for a certain period of time is the attack, and frequent access to the spider can not access the snapshot, then directly back to seven years ago, there are many things that can be avoided, choose a stable space, do not easily modify the structure of the website and The title, especially the content of URL, the influence of URL content directly lead to the access to the front of the spider, because the love of Shanghai will visit again its cached web site, when that does not exist, so long will experience a very long time to delete from the snapshot so habit is very important and love Shanghai. Plan each step, to maintain a good snapshot is more important.

finally, the chain will not say, too many people said, that is not strong; actually want to say is that the relationship between the title and modify the snapshot, after someone modify title, snapshot remain unchanged, not backwards, even ranking increased after someone changed the title, cause drop right site for a period of time, ranking dropped directly; here simply said this aspect of their consideration, in fact, the main raw.

has recently been love for submission in A5, think only write things out to share the watch, we love Shanghai recently updated, recently we see love Shanghai optimization, recently we see love Shanghai snapshot, such as snapshot last night love Shanghai again more new website, the website or general is the next snapshot snapshot is either 26 or 27, but if you want to better let love Shanghai transformed from these every week for the next snapshot snapshot, then said under my own idea. In fact, some time ago also once tried to remember this, it is also found that the reason.

first, I feel the most important is the website content, snapshot and content are closely related, changes occur between, can let love Shanghai feel that you have the new content, new knowledge will be re examined, so I want a snapshot of the words, we must update the content, whether it is original or false original also. Or copy, you change the content of the website to update your website, this is a must; but you have to remember, is not a snapshot of the core, when you update the home page, Copy Collection ah, ah, spider one day there will be once a day, find your home food it is overdue, do you think it will once again to eat it, should hide too late, so the quality of the content is the key to let the spider think, my home is a good stuff to eat up Don’t regret, this is the necessary value.

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