Examples to explain how to write the title of the website

and second points to attract hits:

said the first point matching of keywords:

electronic balance, electronic balance, electronic balance, the price of Mettler sartorius electronic balance, precision balance, Shanghai precision electronic balance

with the above keywords, can usually be directly written: electronic balance | electronic balance price | Mettler electronic balance | sartorius electronic balance | Shanghai precision balance | precision electronic balance, just add a little bit of slightly modified, can be used as the title of the site to use.

site title role, a keyword matching, one is to attract hits. The following for these two give you an example, specifically talk about how to write a good website title.

is also the first key words, simple combination (combination of key principle is to allow multiple keywords match, the main keyword must match exactly)


to the first round of keyword combination: electronic balance, electronic balance price = electronic balance price; Shanghai precision balance, precision electronic balance = Shanghai precision electronic balance; Mettler electronic balance, electronic balance = sartorius electronic balance (sartorius, METTLER brand with this combination, consider your priority words perfectly matched).

second method is the integration of words become a word fluent form:

general writing site title has two kinds of methods, a method is one of the key words, this is also one of the more common methods of Shanghai dragon Er use; another method is integrated into the form of a word, contains key words to optimize your in this sentence. Here we illustrate the specific.

how to play to attract click rate effects, you need to add some special words in the title of your attention, or some special characters. Due to the site title to be formal, so I do not recommend the use of special symbols (of course, if you want to use the feature, you can also consider, mainly depends on personal preference).

electronic balance In order to meet the


example, I selected a few key words:

for general products, such as: special offer, clearance, preferential price, best price terms, is a good choice. The word is selected, under >

The first kind of keyword method form:

source: love Shanghai search for "electronic balance", in the words of love Shanghai drop-down menu.

then again refining: electronic balance price, Shanghai precision electronic balance, electronic balance sartorius, Mettler = Shanghai precision electronic balance, Mettler price, sartorius electronic balance, also add some modifier, can be used as the title of the site to use.

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