Case analysis website home page is the K cause and treatment method

can be seen from the figure above the words "16Mn pipe" appear particularly high frequency, I also read his article station, really keywords accumulation is too serious, and keywords almost every time it appears all over the bold treatment, we determined and optimized too, need to add keywords within reasonable range, below is an article in the website.


above we may find the end of the article, there are 4 pure text links, one is the front page of the site, while the other three are exported to links to other sites, these sites should be my friend your own website, the intention is to pass this way to increase the weight of the other several websites (several other website he the same way, but itself >)

can be seen from the diagram, the keyword of the website are extended from "16Mn steel", the intention is to improve from the "16Mn pipe" keywords ranking, the final result is often counterproductive, and come home shorn. Keywords the need to add natural, do not deliberately accumulation. In fact, we don’t need to have piled up, love Shanghai itself is a segmentation technique, even if the keyword appears only once, love Shanghai will be back by keyword segmentation technology. Before Gu Xuxu wrote an article "the title, keywords, description on the website of the wording" in detail the website three labels written, interested friends can see.



site outbound links too much

recently, the two site of a group of friends in the home page is K, if a website is such a case, we can say is love Shanghai crazy. However, two different sites of the same person have the same situation. So, to be sure, be a friend there is a problem in the optimization process.


home page is K is actually a little love Shanghai to warn us, tell the webmaster friends, you’re breaking up, please comply with the rules of the game, if ignored, then certainly is ZhengZhan be K. If the home page is K we can understand the yellow card, then the whole point K is a direct red card. Today, Nanjing Shanghai dragon Gu Xuxu will use this case with friends talk about website home page is the K cause and treatment method.

3, Analysis of the causes of the


1, a web page is stacked in


let’s take a look at the basic information on his website

home page is right down the

2, high density

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