One month to earn 1000RMB feasible programEntrepreneurial stories of college students and SEO


want to buy a space space! I suggest you buy a 100MB on the line! I don’t have to make money for much space! But to see what you do to the station! Some stations to the space station! Do I recommend Taobao to buy a 40 yuan of space for the purchase of address I bought in the many good reputation! Here is a download website source content well, change their own can be uploaded to your space! If you really can’t do if you come to me. Let me show you up

gradually discovered that it was difficult to look at these videos and books without much processing. Do 301 redirection, do 404 error page, write robots files, the code cannot read not to mention the code… But… In the hard to update and the chain, the website ranking steadily forward, not to put the 3 Huangjiahu forum gradually left behind 2 months. Of course, this is less competitive with optimized keywords and very large.

made me very depressed! previously taught several novice website! But we are never know to know! Novice patience slowly learning do not always thinking about how to make money to make money is the main!!! It is not want to be a general who are not good! Oh! Hit wrong does not matter! Go to the agency to buy a domain name, the domain name is not now how much money 10 yuan! Admin5 webmaster network domain name registration a! This is great!


a month to earn 1000RMB feasible program!

second is the way to do things! You have to go to the first video and Ali mother each registered number

soon, the school opened the students entrepreneurial base, my project soon entered college business park with the help of counselors, and set up a pilot network technology Limited not registered, set up the team, specially for the small and medium-sized enterprise SEO, has also received some living expenses. Looking back, smooth sailing, but as a college student, a lot of things are more difficult.

I’m a rookie SEOer and a sophomore in Wuhan. In the face of many SEO great God, I have always claimed to be rookie, although also helped several companies to complete the SEO, but also get money, but this process is very difficult.

I want to say is that this is not realistic for those novice! What is the good way to achieve our goal to do to earn a little money? We can through the following a few buddies and I study out! May this method is known to the master, but many novice is not know the! I said that our method

, first of all, to learn SEO, I did not receive formal specialized training, from a game only to understand the small white start, all self-study content. From the beginning of ZAC downloading "SEO real code", has broken watch free video, each agency many friends to the audio files, in the face of so many free resources I cherish, because the university life can not afford the high cost of the VIP training institutions. While others are playing games, I watch the video; while others are playing, I watch the video; while others are playing outside, I am watching the video. In the first semester, I built the first own website HUANGJIAHU Forum my university so do a side site in Huangjiahu University city.

novice class!

I want to adhere to their studies, every day classes can not be absent; school student affairs should be actively dealt with; the teacher’s job should be dealt with in a timely manner, as well as the daily chores of trouble. Do SEO also have a lot of helpless place, do encyclopedia more than 10 times not through, and even do the chain, I did encyclopedia Campus Ambassador level. Write soft text, through >

address: http://s.idc.admin5/

until one day, a local film and television media company found me, I hope in my website advertising, in-depth discussion, I helped him do the company’s website optimization and long-term maintenance. Negotiate successful optimization of 8000 yuan including the template and other outsourcing costs, maintenance 300 pieces per month. I don’t make much money, but I’m still a bit of a person, but I can’t do it well. This time, I began to learn code knowledge, but also seriously study web design, while learning side practice. Three months later, I completed the 4 Web keywords optimized into the home page, and received his first money earned. It was very hard, but very encouraging.


this is a feasible plan to earn a month 1000RMB! This method for both novice and veteran trial! Now new income is too small, some may have a point not to! Someone let novices to build a small website now, as long as the website content, you can do a little money to flow earn. They also say that if you own your site and have access, you can apply to join shlf1314 AdSense, whether it’s personal or business. If you want to try to use their website, the flow into income, through their own website to achieve the purpose of making money, earn dollars, apply to join shlf1314 AdSense advertising.


the first video is CPM, and 1000 shows for 8 yuan!

! !

, you’re in Ali Mama!

first, you’re going to have a website. It’s not difficult to make a website, but it may be difficult for beginners. Some beginners even don’t even have to upload the website source!