On the nternet about entrepreneurial team HaitaoPlease start makeup looks very beautiful commercial

saw some entrepreneurs to participate in the contest, is a busy year, business of third party payment companies are now doing Kara, angel investment Sun Taoran is worried, such entrepreneurs will become specialist.

is like two sides of a coin.

entrepreneurship and business should and can intersect, but at the moment, seems to have been "birth", "crash", "myth" of suspicion.

the emergence of many entrepreneurial training programs and institutions has created a problem: entrepreneurship can be trained, entrepreneurs can copy it?

"anyway, I’m a startup and I wouldn’t choose an entrepreneurial camp like this.". Which successful entrepreneur is selected by draft and hatched?."

first contact team is from a sea waves Zhu Haitao team from the media partner recruitment announcement, before his own brother had business dealings with the waves. before the operation of P2P financial platform is not what I call Wangzhuan Daniel, just a small company SEO Commissioner, said with a relationship with Wangzhuan, do 4 years of scalping business, are also considered in this industry scalping is not bad, then brush single industry confusion Taobao, the rules changed again, a lot of websites, plus forums, blogs are banned similar single brush ads, because the original lack of knowledge on the Internet itself, nor the foundation of network marketing, to do well the whole industry, feel the fall from heaven to hell > then I quit my job, holding a brush single earned savings spent more than 10000 whole heart to learn the website registration fee, SEO optimization and network marketing knowledge, for about half a year, built its own station flow slowly up, beginning itself university major is not computer that were struggling first of all, to understand the code, the code for my website, a junior people look confused, especially with code W3SHCOOL based tutorial, also cannot read how to do? I have one by one code break, I do not understand to ask sh419, will try to demonstrate the effect of online code, later, the longer they feel site is not difficult, some code can also change in the background, because the SEO involved in the station optimization, do not understand the code is not a qualified webmaster, so for those who dare to try one. Look at the code Fanyun novice I think the practice is very important, to dare to try, not just look at the tutorial and not to practice, especially we do not need to build the site although will be developed, but we have to understand the basic HTML, CSS right now, dream, Empire, wordpre>


business opportunities are also booming around, entrepreneurship as the core of the industry chain has begun to take shape.

boom seems to have been a bubble.

over packaged


looks beautiful. Where is the commercial degree?

is like "when everyone stocks, it is the most dangerous time in the stock market", and everyone starts business, it is not a good signal.

more and more market forces involved in the business ecosystem, to create a "utility" for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, how to timely and appropriate, and not to fish, "degree" is a problem.

these new business opportunities are? Interested in Entrepreneurship in the industrial chain, is how to move the camera

Objective: Joe is this week to join our team. It was only two days from meeting to deciding to join him. The team here looking for a partner, in general, is very rigorous. I am from the last year has continued to receive more than 100 copies of your resume, personal experience looks very bright many, I didn’t just look good on the heart. What we have been emphasizing is attitude, personality, values, which may seem hollow, but for a team, it has to be mentioned. From experience, he was not up to our requirements must be and stabilize the profitability of the project, and can copy can be enlarged. The reason why I decided to let him join me was that I saw his enthusiasm for the Internet and our team. Secondly, I felt that from the perspective of his personality, he was still quite good. On the second day of my acceptance, he left the job directly. As we talk about, we are willing to give each other a chance. The following text is Joe to write some feelings, from the literary point of view, is a point of difference, is true.

business show on stage, entrepreneurship seems to be acting.


in the seething blood, Sun Taoran has a deep concern: entrepreneurship is obscured by many garish things, some entrepreneurs are become dizzy with success passions, venture capital power has been deified in virtually.


" is like "when everyone stocks, it’s the most dangerous time in the stock market", and everyone starts a business, and it’s not a good signal.

Sun Taoran has recently struggled with the fact that he has often been invited to be the judges of some start-up competitions, and he is considering whether or not he should refuse.

he firmly believes that the greenhouse can not grow into towering trees.


how does entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship go from passion to reason?

, "the most respectable thing about every entrepreneur is that he has invested himself in his business and is down to earth."." Beijing Lakala Network Technology Co., Ltd. chairman and CEO Sun Taoran said, are in the midst of a business site selection >

? Where is the commercial degree of ?

, around entrepreneurship, is releasing an atmosphere of over packaging.

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