On the importance of website positioning and how to pinpoint the location

is like a shop. It’s very clear what you want to do before you do it. The website that a lot of stationmaster builds on the net is more disorder, do not have a central idea. If you really have little talent and less learning do not know the direction, but must be clear, is to this station especially the station to provide products or services, in which the advantages of disadvantages which have to be very clear. We set up the purpose of the station, to achieve what objectives, target customer base where, must be very clear. The most important thing is where your profit point is, because it relates to the survival of the site. In short, these should have good ideas.

let me talk about the location of the website first. As I said before, doing a website is just like setting up a shop. Doing a market research and what the market needs is what we do. This is the point. To meet the needs of the market is what we have to do, so in the target customer base positioning, we should have their own ideas and analysis. Target customer base is your product or website, which audience, age, class, pupil, college student or white-collar worker, etc.. After analysis, we should analyze their mental status and carry out the program. After the target customer base and age are fixed, we find the direction and momentum of the operation. Without them, you are no good after Kung fu.

also has the advantage of showing off. This is the same as life, but also to find their own expertise. Because only expertise can win a job search. Before you start, you have to think about which areas of your field are strong, and then follow the plan. If you’re very strong and very good at PS, you can build a website about an artist or designer. Then your advantage is manifested at this time, then it is easier to succeed. Chairman Mao well said, "everything is practical and realistic, without investigation, there is no right to speak.". Is this really necessary, because you have done, you can have the right to speak, because you know what the customer needs, I offer something to meet customer needs what and so on, these are their own advantages, to create opportunities to grasp the advantages if hair at their maximum energy, it will own the station when pondering.

for the website operation scheme, this is also very important point. We need to spend some experience here. How can you bring in the needs of target customers in targeted, meet the market plan, at the time of the operation time, and finally the result to a list of the indicators, formulate the related operation process.

webmaster must have competitors, real life business is the same. In the analysis of competitors, we should analyze their propaganda methods and methods of operation, each site has its own style, the style with which our competitors do not have the advantage, for example, such as competitors with keywords, competitors and so on these points of interest. Of course, we often say that if others say then we must not follow the crowd, if we always follow others, the team, the risk is low, but not good at all their strengths, do not.

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