Why Baidu snapshot in constantly updated, and Baidu collection does not increase

believes that many webmaster friends have encountered similar problems, "Baidu snapshots constantly updated, but the amount is not increased."". Here I will give you a detailed analysis of the reasons:

1, Baidu will be updated once a week, updated 4 times a month, which is certainly Oh, and Baidu included in the amount of search engines to determine.

Included in

two, the site may have reached a certain number in a period of time, but because there is a certain repeat included so every day in the update, even if there are new included but it may be related to previous repeat included the contents of the substitution phase. So there will be no change in the number of included. Just like a DNS cache, it takes a while to process it,

three, in fact, the use of "site:" command inquiries included in the number of Baidu is not the true number of included. Baidu’s true number can be included in the "Baidu statistics" inside, you can find.

four, a certain understanding of SEO, deliberately modified, the site to do out, excessive optimization, although there is no obvious cheating, but there is no value.

five, the site has made some adjustments. Such as. Site title (modify my station is because seo.sjjzz.com changed the title, leading to the snapshot is not updated, some time ago also said similar problems), this is the most likely site snapshot not update, although the article included. All we need is to hold on. Maybe it will be normal in one or two days, or maybe a week. Usually a week or so.

six, the chain of sudden increase or decrease, leading to the site was down right. The large increase or decrease of the chain lead to the site is down right, this also lead to the article even included snapshot is not updated.

for "Baidu snapshot constantly updated, included quantity but no increase" solution:

core point:

1: website content increases: every day adhere to the original or pseudo original

2: regular construction site outside the chain, should be less, not more (this refers to, suddenly, one day, increase N more than the chain)

last point: we must believe that, for now, "content is king, the chain is emperor" era is not in the past,


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