Personal experience; the importance of telling a story about a website

different people have different views on how to establish a good website, so how to operate their own website? This problem I have in the forum also discussed, everyone I think each one airs his own views, content is the foundation of a website. I was in a village doctor forum when bamboo is mainly responsible for publicity, but I felt weak, a person tired on the mobilization of other propaganda, fed to publicity, and they did not do what I mean, traffic is still good, I wonder how to flow their

?After careful investigation of my

, I found those who are some clinicians, their experience and lessons in their own forums, make a lot of knowledge in this area need to satisfy the needs of users, the next will come again, I recently saw they also organized by this training. The equivalent of activities, the more popular forum.

web design knowledge is a basic knowledge of how to use the site, but for those who like mumbo-jumbo "code do not understand in the case of the change? In the search process, I found an old man compilation of textbook, written in easy to understand, the old man will be sharing their own learning experience, his method is to do a special folder to some commonly used code and sentences on the inside, when used, is want to use the text editor. I thought it would work for my new code too, so I collected his pages and looked at them every time I used them. Although the old man’s website is not how to promote, but his website content is of use value, a lot of beginners like me are willing to go to his website to learn.

a good location of the supermarket is to rely on low prices to win customers, not only reducing popularity but also brings benefits, such as dumplings others sell 8 yuan a pound, their 6.8 yuan a pound; others egg sold 3.2 yuan 1 pounds, they sold 3 yuan 1 pounds.

or more, we can conclude that the vitality of the website is based on good content. A friend once asked me, "why does my website promote IP more, not to promote less and less?" I told him, that is your website, there is nothing to attract visitors. If the content of your website attracts visitors, there will be more and more people coming to visit your website.

, now I’m going to introduce my blog. I have been working on it, but the flow is still very small, the most a day will be more than 200 IP, I try to update the article. A lot of times, Bowen published 2 minutes, Baidu included, but through the search engine into the flow of poor little. Later, I know, the content of my blog is of little value, can not attract the attention of Internet users.


website is a long process, as a student, I will calm down, to treat it with peace of mind, not because of the ups and downs and dabeitaixi, so that we can do it for you, "

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