How exactly is a full-time station owner at home

has recently been to see many new Adsense network in order to make money and give up the real life, working to resign at home full-time website, including direct selection of many did not graduate and graduate to work to give up everything for the site, see the enthusiasm of the people I was moved China with a batch after batch station for the development of the Internet emerged Chinese made a huge contribution, but I also worry that many owners have fallen. I am not an old timer, just like everyone else, for the sake of money, for the cause of hard work in the web site. It always is an amateur website, 8 hours a day in the office to the company website operation and management, is to find a way for the company is the website development, then is the management company operations staff, daily life is very busy but I want to fight once, after the earthquake in May 12th this year, I really feel that the original human life today is so fragile, not hard when. So I am determined to make a decision to quit full-time website, time flies are now in July 15th in the past 2 months my movie download site finally a little look out! You must think I would say on my website how much money I earn in this website the money is enough to feed me, 2 months without the company’s wage, but my income is not less but a lot more, that’s the money I earn the construction site list! Many webmaster said the website advertising does not make money is not money, not really!! if you choose to know the risk aversion in the home business, the site does not make money the case to find a way, I usually do not run out of business for the construction site was only observed in the list. We have a very distinctive local foreign trade clothing store, stores a open, but not their own web sites, I detailed analysis planning went directly to their boss my idea is to show him the file, and the effect of the home page map, and then give him a reasonable quotation 3000 dollars to do a shop including domain name. The boss was directly agreed, that I was an accident, then she said she wanted to make a website just had to ask the site construction company, is making cost is 12000 of the price, and the space charge, domain name fee, maintenance fee. So she hasn’t been put down in to do this thing, I see today to give her prepared materials so detailed, the price is very reasonable, the most important is I give her a free website operation guide, and all of her clothes in the store are sold by Taobao agent. This I not only made a 3000 dollar bill, but also opened a Taobao store business is good because her clothes are better in foreign trade goods repeat many, now Taobao monthly net profit of 2000 is not a problem, I had a penny goods do not pressure, because I only put photos of Taobao someone bought me directly, every time go to her shop for goods, second days of delivery would be finished, with my reputation I 15 days to give her an account, capital operation is very easy. Later, she also introduced me to several clothing wholesalers have website list.

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