Share the ten elements of doing well information websites

talked about the information website, people often say content is king, but the content is really king? The content website can do it? Today I’d like to share my own website experience. I think the information website, the brand is king! If we take the website of information of the segmentation, we can divided into portals and industry sites, here we should remember, information website is not on keywords to improve the flow of his works is wait for the circle of media identity, so as to expand to the attention of the industry integration.

website, the profit is the primary purpose, but when there is no traffic, what about profit? Do you know to delete negative, do the industry press, whose income is micro-blog, but not a lot of updates in the background, all of these is no one for you, because your site is not enough authority. Because of the weight of your site is not enough. Of course, you can say that you do SEO keywords, you to do promotion, but I can certainly tell you that these effects are minimal, if you go to pull flow, then you should not do so again, the information station, how to create an authoritative information station? I have one by one tell you


, the layout of the site to the atmosphere: information website, the top goal is based on the industry or the portal, if you use DEDE or PHPCMS to set a template, you can consider not to do, because one can not feel, not authoritative, so customers should choose you?

two, name authority: Here I don’t suggest you do the local information web site, because the local limitations, enterprises tend to focus on the first mainstream media, I passed on the information station experience, in the same weight, with more China than a local news station welcome.

three, the purpose of promotion: promotion information website, different from other sites, other sites can be extended to the forum, can be extended to the business district, but there is no use in the information station, here I give you a suggestion, and go to the website of the same industry for release, let others reproduced you the article, at the same time that the source of the other party, write down your site name, long-term accumulation of reputation will naturally improve your site, improve the site’s reputation as to a certain extent, you will find big websites begin to reprint your article, then your purpose is achieved.

four, a selective link: Web portal, avoid links do not add random, you can find the same industry or related industries to do, do, do not care about each other’s PR number, as long as the relevant industry, as long as it is with the update, don’t consider, do his. But in Links Qianwang, don’t put your keywords, is the name of the site, the

brand effect so as to boost the website

five, give up website keywords: do network of people, in the heart all clear, keyword competition is unimaginable, opponents some >

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