The navigation station is really not good to talk about the feeling of doing the navigation station

‘s feeling of being a navigator for the first time, the navigation station is not really good,


Hao123 and Baidu between those things we do not say much, anyway, the aftermath of the "consequences" is: the web site navigation overwhelming. Just copy, changed, became their own website. Thus leading to the industry flooding and collapse. On the recent rumors that 114 of the official website of the navigation station has been dragged down by the cottage procedures, and open source and make a great deal of noise.


is now a lot of new navigation station does not have that kind of influence some of the old station? Why have some new benefits and some sites for a few years are still unknown to the public? Which have caused us to do a lot of thinking. On site navigation station, the same navigation site, but has a very different situation. Some people think that the early occupation of the market is good, but otherwise, there is no good cultural connotation and brand awareness, time is a waste of advantage. Whether they are hao123, 114, 265, 1616 and other navigation stations, they have a common characteristic. Their website culture is very special, the inside story is very deep, plus do early, publicity in place, set up their own brands, so there is such a large user base.

what is their navigation culture? How can we do the navigation station need to be wide? Today with a little bit of their own experience with you together to explore.

navigation station or other type of website or, no matter what the project is for the user line, so we certainly need to use some user habits and hobbies a depth analysis. So today we start with the experience of the user. I call it the "user experience" ("culture", to prevent ambiguity tagging) user experience "from the structure and layout of the site layout, font color and size, the link emission position and so on advance a sense of consideration. Moreover, the design analysis must be carried out through extensive investigation of the usage habits of the target group. For example, the font used by the web site. You say No. 14 font, font size of 12 or 13, good? This is the need to conduct research and analysis of the different people, young people, personality, love design, are the basic preferences 12 size classes, but this part of the user group is still relatively few. We can see from the Sohu, Sina and other major portals home page, most of the Internet users love habits, or 14 font type of popular fonts. Therefore, the design of our website should try to satisfy the tastes of the masses and occupy more users’ target groups.

second, domain name culture. What is the source of this name and what culture does it represent? What makes it easy for the user to remember you?. Hao123265 basically belong to the user experience faction, 114 and 1616 site navigation belongs to the name of the cultural source. 114 everyone knows, >

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