2013, network optimization steps positioning, analysis, keyword selection, attack

author (if this article is helpful to you, welcome to QQ consulting, exchange. QQ:2529425294) now just a rookie. The following point of view is only my experience, if there is a mistake, please correct me, we must amend, thank you for your first friends.


inside the University of choice is the electronic commerce, it said, two years of study, he did not learn much knowledge, near graduation, he is very interested in the website, to read a lot of books about network promotion on the Internet, there is a general direction of network promotion.

left school in April 2012 to enter an ideal career, e-commerce (network promotion). The first company in net work, work is the site maintenance and promotion. In the net for six months time, every day in addition to update the station of the article is to go to the forum, most of the day mainly stay in the A5 forum, SEOWHY, a push, push the webmaster forum 28.

first, why do you stay in these webmaster forums every day?. First of all: I do not have much experience, I need to learn the knowledge left by my predecessors and enrich myself, so that I can grow up to be a qualified SEO. Secondly, do the chain, we all know that BBS personality signature is a good place to do the chain, although now not much use, but in the time I just touched, and the use is still very big.

in these webmaster BBS inside, the author learned a lot of knowledge, so as to make yourself more confident.

that’s it, for six whole months. Quickly in the past, the website have a certain improvement, because the barrier between himself and the boss (the boss is a traditional business owner on the Internet, utterly ignorant of himself to his proposal, not a point he will adopt, just let you in his way, in the end, did not get a good effect take your things, so the boss, and he can follow what the future?), chose to leave home, adjust.

though it was home adjustment, I decided two goals for myself when I got home. First: finished driving school (3 months from the new year just right). Second: organize what you have learned. Plan your own future path.

three months time, I sort out the network optimization steps: positioning, analysis, keyword selection, attack

maybe a lot of friends think what I say is clear to everyone. No, that’s the location of the site, the analysis of the site, the choice of keywords, and then what to do? It’s true, I admit. The following author (I never follow the conventional card) talk about their views, I hope all of you help!


location: site location, we must first clear the site do what! Is selling a product or service or other what??! This must be clear positioning, many websites now locate multiple keywords at a time. >

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