8000 people news team BBC how to use the nternet thinking transformation

lead: an old broadcasting and television institution born with the traditional British Conservative blood, how can you open your arms and accept the alien Internet thinking in the painful transition,


is different from Time Warner, news group, Disney’s multi format giant media group, BBC is only a relatively single media organizations. Even so, BBC’s position in the world press can be difficult for any other media to shake. In China, this "public broadcaster" is once seen as "national broadcaster", become China media industry when talking about the ability to enhance international communication and building a world-class media is constantly mentioned in reference to the largest object.

BBC was founded in October 1922 and was the only television station in Britain before the founding of the ITV in 1955. Its monopoly on broadcasting in Britain lasted until 1973, when Britain’s first commercial radio station was established. Television licence fees have been a major source of income for more than 90 years.

it is hard to imagine such an innately flowing veteran broadcasters traditional British Conservative blood, is how to open arms in a painful transformation, and accept the Internet thinking from allogeneic


uses platform thinking to re engineer the news fleet

in the distance is now very distant "empire" era, with its "BBC" broadcasting Empire and the British Empire Jack together, floating around the world, "BBC news" fleet as British warships in general, the shuttle in many oceans of the world cruise. At that time, the "news fleet" of Empire broadcasting carried not only the news information of BBC, but also a great global mission and cultural ambition.

now, even though things change, BBC’s "news fleet" is still large and still exists. What is the magnitude of the BBC news fleet,

?At present,

, BBC core business ownership in eight centers, which is in charge of the whole platform news program news center, responsible for all video content produced by the visual center, responsible for all radio stations and music programs produced audio and music center, responsible for sports, children’s program production center, responsible for the northern market and audience the investigation of the market and the audience, Center for policy, strategy, legal, asset management operations center, responsible for program management of financial and business center, responsible for new media and technology research and development and technical support to the media and technology center. After the first two years of massive layoffs, now the number of BBC employees about 20 thousand people, and the news center, as a "eight" in the flower petals, to occupy 8000 people! Let us do a horizontal comparison: CNN is the global press "Daniel"? But the total CNN of employees to the world, the total number of employees is only 400> all

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