The website is filed from cancellation to re examination through the whole process

September 5, 2012, the record of my blog was canceled, the filing system does not send SMS notification, because before the record is very smooth, so the matter did not pay attention, who knows I was too careless, leading to the end of the month the space station had to close. This is a deep record experience, never encountered such a troublesome thing, and after many efforts, and finally put on the website for review and approval, hereby record the incident for the majority of webmaster reference.

board for the first time: website filed for cancellation of

because Sparta convened, this time is precisely the website thorough investigation records the time, my blog unfortunate shot, initially believed that was the record number under another shell domain name result.

on the afternoon of September 5, 2012, I received a mail notification from the Ministry of communication: Dear user XX, the website of Lu Songsong in your information has been canceled.


first record: photos do not meet the requirements

that day I was in the space providers filing system for filing, submitted from the new results, because the photo needs a display date.


because the background of the picture needs to be a blue background, the background must have the LOGO watermark of the website’s service provider, which is very troublesome from the new picture. So, PS on a date.

board last notice: space business mandatory stop

The results of

the other is nearly 20 days, by the end of the month, the filing system again to send mail and SMS notification, inform my filing has been cancelled.


followed second days when blogs were normal and sometimes they were blocked.

third days, the space dealer told me that the telecommunication bureau has blacklisted your domain name and IP. If you don’t stop the station again, the computer room of our room will be disconnected.

the first thing I think is the problem is not close, the only way is to put the server in the blog temporarily to Hongkong, in the space business help, on the eve of national day I have moved to Hongkong station server. Due to the small bandwidth export of Hongkong space, this also results in a significant decrease in the access speed of sites and even the intermittent reset of Google.

second record: unable to record

and other sites moved to Hongkong space, I will intensify the PS photos for the record. However, the depressing thing is that although the authority has told me that the website has been written off, it can not be submitted for record.

various submissions, all kinds of data changes, still can not, from the new record. At that time I thought: This is terrible, the end of the blog.

later, the space dealer told me that the system was not in place

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