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All-American Rejects Singer Tyson Ritter to Play Gregg Allman in Biopic

first_imgTyson Ritter singer/songwriter of the All-American Rejects is set to portray Gregg Allman in the indie biopic Midnight Rider, reports Rolling Stone. Ritter’s past performances can be seen in NBC’s Parenthood, and in the Amazon producton Beta. Gregg’s late brother Duane is set to be played by musician turned actor Wyatt Russell (Cowboys And Aliens). Both musicians will add credibility to the production by re-recording Allman’s music for the project.Based on Allman’s autobiography My Cross To Bear, the film will begin shooting in February in Savannah, Georgia. Variety reports that the film will be broken into two parts. The rise to fame and the golden years of stardom, followed by recovery from the dangerous excess of substance abuse, and Gregg’s six marriages. The most intriguing marriage to see depicted will be that to actress and singer Cher.last_img read more

Family Van helps drive medical assistance for communities in need

first_imgIn 1989, Nancy Oriol, now the dean for students at Harvard Medical School (HMS), had a vision: to establish a program that could provide basic health services to individuals in Boston who are unable to access primary health care. Three years later — after Oriol reached out to everyone she knew in the various Boston churches, community organizations, neighborhood health centers, and even people on the street, about how this program might take shape and what it might look like — that vision became a reality in the form of a Winnebago.Along with Cheryl Dorsey, an HMS student at the time, Oriol launched the Family Van, a mobile health care program designed to increase access to health care for — and improve healthy behaviors of — individuals in the lower-income neighborhoods of Boston.“The vision was to work with the community to help bring knowledge and services directly to the people in the community,” said Oriol. “I was seeing people in the hospital who were entitled to health care and needed information, but they didn’t understand the system; they didn’t know how to navigate the system.”Still going strong after 17 years, Family Van staff members and volunteers conduct free screenings for a number of chronic illnesses, while helping patients better understand their own health.“We are working with a population that is predisposed to having chronic illnesses. Because of environment, health disparities, all kinds of things, these people are going to have higher incidences of these chronic illnesses,” explained Jennifer Bennet, executive director of the program.“Someone may come onto the van not feeling great but they don’t know why,” said Bennet, “and our staff and students work with them to determine, through these screenings, if, in fact, they are at risk, and then we identify these folks and get them into care so they will not have a stroke, go into a diabetic coma — all these sorts of things.”Bennet noted that close to 30 percent of the patients who visit the van have a chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, or HIV — and are completely unaware of it. But once diagnosed, 85 percent of the patients referred to a doctor keep their appointments — thus, the van creates a bridge to the medical assistance they need.“Despite having insurance, what we see is that many people still do not go to the doctor,” said Bennet. “And the whole concept of the van is … bringing services to their community, at their convenience.”“The idea was to drive through the barriers [of lack of knowledge and resistance to the medical system] and, working with the community, build a program that is useful, helping to bring together all of the different resources that are already out there,” said Oriol. “There are many wonderful resources, but they are highly disconnected, and many people do not even know what is available. … [The van] is a bridge … into mainstream health care. It’s a place for free and confidential screening, education, and counseling.”In addition to serving communities in need in the Greater Boston area, the Family Van gives program volunteers — many of whom are Harvard Medical School students and employees — the opportunity to provide care to these underserved neighborhoods and to get a close-up look at communities in need.“For the volunteers,” said Oriol, “it is a chance to listen and learn about the two-way street of communication and caring.”A number of the student volunteers attest that the work has been eye-opening as well as life-changing, providing meaningful, real-life experience that can’t be replicated in the classroom.“The experience has really helped me put faces and personal stories to the socially determined disparities around chronic conditions that we read and hear about,” said Devika Buhshan, a first-year medical student at HMS who spends Friday afternoons on the van in Mattapan Square. “For instance, I spoke to some patients about the reasons they wouldn’t want to do preventive screenings like Pap smears and colonoscopies, and they said that they would just rather not know if ‘something bad’ was happening to them, even if there was a chance it could thereby be prevented.”Many grateful patients go the extra mile to thank the van’s staff and volunteers. “One elderly woman comes to the van every week and, without fail, brings a loaf of banana bread for the staff,” said Jan Reiss, a senior writer at HMS in the department of communications who volunteers Friday mornings in Uphams Corner. “The people we serve appreciate the fact that we’re there and they can count on us to be there,” said Reiss.First-year medical student Fola Babatunde, who also volunteers Friday mornings in Mattapan, noted the deep connections patients make with van staff and volunteers. “It really is like a family,” she said.“With some individuals, some of these institutions seem intimidating, and I think [that for them] the family van feels very comfortable … in terms of access, as well as because the people are more likely to know how to talk to them — to get them to participate and feel comfortable,” said Alvin Poussaint, faculty associate dean for student affairs at HMS and a strong supporter of the program. “That also, in turn, makes the users of the van feel more comfortable about the health care system in general — and that’s important. It helps establish trust … around health care issues.”last_img read more

Denny Hamlin leads the show of speed in first practice at Michigan

first_imgDenny Hamlin jumped to the top position on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series leaderboard Friday in opening practice at Michigan International Speedway.Hamlin’s Joe Gibbs Racing No. 11 Toyota registered a 202.230-mph lap around the 2-mile track. Of the 40 cars to post speeds in the 50-minute session, 15 cracked the 200-mph barrier.RELATED: Practice 1 results | Who’s on the bubble entering Michigan?Kurt Busch, a three-time Michigan winner, wrapped up the second-fastest lap (201.901 mph) in the Stewart-Haas Racing No. 41 Ford. Daniel Suarez, Ryan Blaney and Kyle Busch completed the top five in the first prep session for Sunday’s Consumers Energy 400 (2:30 p.m. ET, NBCSN, MRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio).Clint Bowyer, who prevailed in Michigan’s most recent event in June, turned in the seventh-fastest lap in the Stewart-Haas Racing No. 14 Ford. Defending race winner Kyle Larson was eighth-fastest in the Chip Ganassi Racing No. 42 Chevrolet.Chase Elliott, last weekend’s first-time winner at Watkins Glen, clocked the 14th-fastest lap (200.602 mph) in the Hendrick Motorsports No. 9 Chevrolet.Busch Pole Qualifying for Sunday’s 400-miler is scheduled Friday at 5:05 p.m. ET (NBCSN).last_img read more

Widespread Panic Crosses The River Styx On Night Two At The RIDE Festival In “To-Hell-You-Ride” [Videos]

first_imgReturning from an all-nighter full of juggling dynamite sticks, moonshine, and gold mining, Widespread Panic sauntered back onstage in Telluride, CO on Saturday for one extended festival set that had a little sumpin’ for everybody. The nearly-full moon was breaking over one of the many ridges of the Rocky Mountains just as the band resumed their positions onstage to complete their two-night run at The RIDE Festival.[Photo : EJ Wasik via PanicStream]Getting right down to it, Widespread cooked up a salacious “Ribs N Whiskey”, Dave Schools and JoJo Hermann slathering the jam with tasty grooves and piano flourishes. John Bell utilized his slide guitar skills while belting out his “seen your sister naked” lyrics like an old hound dog. Next, the band divulged another sweet treat with a solid rendition of “Sundown Betty”, which debuted at the incredible last night of Panic En La Playa Siete in January of 2018. The song possessed a haunted, ethereal feel, like watching skeletons ballroom dancing in ancient wedding attire to Jimmy Herring’s lightning guitar solos.Back-to-back cuts from Panic’s debut album, Space Wrangler, followed as “Holden Oversoul” and “Stop-Go” wafted out of the speakers to the boot-stompin’ appreciation of the audience. “Holden” blew in like a cool breeze on a hot day, building momentum as Herring took control of the ship. Schools kept the fury in pace and tone, hammering out a momentous “Stop-Go” that blew over the Rocky Mountains like an impossibly routed hurricane. John Bell included a rare “That Don’t Make It Junk” rap before Jimmy Herring ended the jam with a maelstrom of musical madness.The lengthy, instrumental “Party At Your Mama’s House” emerged from there, its swaying rhythm ramping up to scorching levels of energy as the entire band stepped up to knock this one out of the park. Soon, the tune was stripped down until only JoJo’s piano remained, meandering enticingly until Billy Joe Shaver’s “Chunk of Coal” materialized with JoJo’s on vocals and Schools as the lead excavator.Schools continued to unearth buried riches with a pulsating, 17-minute take on “Second Skin” from the highly underrated 2006 album, Earth to America. The tune, which was co-written by Jerry Joseph, enticed the audience like the enchanted pull of a siren’s song just before the music rolled over the ship of consciousness like a tidal wave and the helm was crushed by the jagged rocks underneath the surface.When the dust finally settled, the historical mountain town remained unscathed—for now—as a high-octane cover of ZZ Top’s “Jesus Just Left Chicago” followed with its heavy blues-infused pulse. JoJo took the reins mid-song, and it seemed he would never give them back as he danced up and down his piano. However, Herring eventually took over to complete the natural progression of each band member getting a chance to rip their own section on a given song.Widespread Panic – The RIDE Festival – “Jesus Just Left Chicago” [ZZ Top cover][Video: Fred Ramadan]After a cymbal-crashing conclusion, another heater ensued as a raucous “Little Kin” created new fault lines underneath the Rocky Mountain granite. The intensity showed no signs of relenting as a fast-paced gallop around Saratoga Race Course with “Action Man” preceded a return trip to New Orleans for a saucy pot of mama’s gumbo with a sensational “Thought Sausage” (“COME N’ GIT IT!”).Widespread Panic – The RIDE Festival – “Action Man”[Video: Fred Ramadan]Remaining in New Orleans territory, Widespread Panic performed “Gradle” for only the second time this year, allowing the band a chance to “give it all before we go.” “L.A.”, an old instrumental song that has been around since the band’s fledgling years, emerged next for the second time since 2012 and first time since appearing in Alpharetta, Georgia in September of 2016. Old-timers may remember this song as part of The Weather Channel’s February 2001 playlist for the Local Weather (Don’t believe me? See here).Duane Trucks led the rolling drumline to “Diner” to start what would become an epic sequence of beloved tunes to finish out the festival set. “Diner” gave the wandering vagrants of the mountain’s night, shivering and hungry, a sanctuary to refuel and warm up in JB’s wholesome light. His rap was slightly out of the ordinary with a “Light shinin’ through the peephole” introduction and various different improvisations like “Just a bad joke, from a long time ago.”Jimmy Herring blazed a hole through the setlist before JoJo Hermann picked up the rhythm to Bill Withers‘ “Use Me”. Soon, a veracious Schools and gritty JB joined in to complete the tune about the honest acceptance and pleasure of being taken advantage of (“I want to spread the news / That if it feels this good getting used / You just keep on using me / Until you use me up!).Widespread Panic – The RIDE Festival – “Diner”/”Use Me” [Bill Withers cover][Video: Fred Ramadan]After crushing the hot take on the Withers tune, JB stepped to the mic to voice his heartfelt appreciation with “Just to put it in words, we are very happy to be here” before returning to Earth to America for a sweet rendition of “May Your Glass Be Filled”. Even though this song was played on New Year’s Eve in Atlanta and St. Panic’s Day in D.C., the audience embraced the musical blessing as if it was the first time played. Jimmy stretched out those long, sorrowful notes while JB consecrated the festival grounds with his holy appeal to laughter, health, luck, and a glass ever-filled to the brim.To end the second and final night of their headlining stint at The RIDE Festival, Widespread Panic played “I’m So Glad” for only the seventh time ever. The Skip James song has been revived in recent years as a tribute to Col. Bruce Hampton who, like Cream, had made the tune a staple in his repertoire. Jimmy Herring, a past bandmate of the Colonel’s, hypnotized throughout the familiar jam while John Bell captured the tone and vocal delivery, giving the song a Colonel-esque authenticity. (For more information on Colonel Bruce Hampton’s impact on the band, see H.O.R.D.E. Tour and The Aquarium Rescue Unit. His roots run deep as a cosmic mentor and spiritual advisor).Widespread Panic – The RIDE Festival – “I’m So Glad” [Skip James cover, Tribute to Col. Bruce Hampton][Video: Fred Ramadan]The next stop for Widespread Panic is the oldest city in America, St. Augustine, FL. They will be playing at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre for three nights from August 2nd–4th in what will sure to be a (literally) hellishly hot time. For a full list of upcoming Widespread Panic tour dates, see here.That’s all for now. Hope the afterglow of this Rocky Mountain High leads your weary feet to the sun-kissed sands of St. Augustine. See you there, Goodpeople.As always, you can stream a full audio recording of the performance via PanicStream.Setlist: Widespread Panic | The RIDE Festival | Telluride, CO | 7/13/19Set: Ribs & Whiskey, Sundown Betty, Holden Oversoul, Stop-Go* > Party At Your Mama’s House, Chunk of Coal, Second Skin, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Little Kin, Action Man, Thought Sausage, Gradle, L.A. > Diner > Use Me, May Your Glass Be Filled, I’m So Glad (136 mins)Notes * w/ ‘That Don’t Make It Junk’ rap– ‘L.A.’ LTP 9/16/16 Alpharetta (106 shows)(Thank you Curtis George and Coloartist,, and read more

‘Truth To Power’ Documentary To Explore System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian, 2018 Armenian Revolution [Trailer]

first_imgSystem of a Down singer and political activist Serj Tankian will be the featured subject in a forthcoming documentary exploring his mission in spreading global awareness about the 2018 Armenian Revolution through music.To be titled, Truth to Power, the forthcoming film from director Garin Hovannisian and Live Nation productions will arrive via Oscilloscope Laboratories on February 19th, 2021, and will also feature cameos from Tankian’s System of a Down bandmates along with notable industry veterans including producer Rick Rubin and Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine). Both Tankian and Morello co-founded the Axis of Justice non-profit organization in 2002 which brings together musicians, fans, and grassroots activism to fight for social justice and progressive political causes.Tankian and Hovannisian had previously teamed up for the latter’s 2019 film, I Am Not Alone, for which Tankian provided the film score. Tankian also provided the score for Truth to Power, which will include his own video footage captured during the 2018 Armenian protests. Along with highlighting Tankian’s three-decade journey as a political activist, the film will also look at how the rock singer writes and uses the art of music to bring about change.Related: Serj Tankian Shares Unreleased Music Through New Augmented Reality BackpackWatch the film’s first teaser trailer below.Truth To Power [Teaser Trailer][Video: Avalanche Entertainment]System of a Down returned to headlines when their music video for 2001’s “Chop Suey!” reached the virtual milestone of exceeding 1 billion views on YouTube last month. The rock band also celebrated the release of their first new music in 15 years last month with “Protect The Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz”, which will raise money to benefit the Armenia Fund, a US-based non-profit that the band says is critical to providing much-needed supplies to the peoples of Artsakh and Armenia. The band has since revealed that the two new recordings have helped raise over $600,000 for aid in the turbulent region.[H/T Rolling Stone]last_img read more

Trucking company fined for spilling diesel fuel from trailer

first_imgVermont Business Magazine The Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced today that James and Richard Eastman of Newport, doing business as Richard Eastman Trucking, were fined $3,500 for dispensing diesel fuel into the empty bed of a tractor trailer, which resulted in the discharge of approximately 10 gallons of diesel fuel onto the pavement and soils surrounding the fuel pump.In December 2016, James Eastman stopped at the Maplefields Irving gas station in St. Johnsbury to fuel a tractor trailer owned by Richard Eastman Trucking. The trailer was empty, intended to haul woodchips and mulch. Security cameras on site show that instead of filling the fuel tank with diesel fuel, Eastman dispensed the fuel into the empty bed of the tractor trailer. An estimated 10 gallons of fuel spilled onto the ground near the pump. Maplefields staff called the St. Johnsbury Fire Department to respond to the spill. Within 24 hours, contractors were on site and cleaning up the spill, ultimately removing about 11 tons of contaminated soil from the site.“We require gas stations and other fuel tank operators to have protocols in place to prevent and respond to spills,” says Emily Boedecker, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation. “But users have responsibilities, too. Ultimately, we hold the responsible party accountable when hazardous materials are handled incorrectly.”James and Richard Eastman agreed to settle this matter with DEC with a $3,500 fine for the violations. This agreement was approved by the Vermont Superior Court Environmental Division on September 5, 2018.Diesel fuel is a hazardous material and it can have severe impacts if released to the environment, including contaminating soils, groundwater and drinking water, and endangering public health. The DEC Spills Program assesses the environmental impact of hazardous material spills and oversees cleanup. Spills of hazardous material in excess of two gallons must be reported immediately under state law. A member of DEC’s Spills Team is on call 24-hours per day, year-round. For more information about DEC’s Hazardous Waste program, including information about reporting a spill, visit the DEC’s Waste Management & Prevention website at: is external).Source: DEC 9.12.2018last_img read more

Rep. Cindy Holscher says she’ll run for Sen. Jim Denning’s seat in 2020

first_imgTwo-term Rep. Cindy Holscher plans to run for Sen. Jim Denning’s seat in 2020Two-term Democratic Rep. Cindy Holscher announced Wednesday night that she plans to run for the District 8 Senate seat occupied by Majority Leader Jim Denning since 2013.Holscher had initially planned to make the announcement today at a previously planned birthday party and fundraiser. But after Denning and other Republican legislative leaders’ meeting with Gov. Laura Kelly on Medicaid expansion Wednesday — a meeting that ended just a hour into a planned four hour session after the parties came to an impasse — Holscher said she was compelled to make her decision public a day sooner.She categorized Denning as obstructing a Senate vote on Medicaid expansion, which passed the House earlier this year.“Today in a meeting with the Governor, Senator Denning reaffirmed that while over 75 percent of Kansans support Medicaid Expansion, he will not support efforts to pass the bill and showed no interest in negotiating a package that would take place this year,” Holscher said in a release. “Tens of thousands of Kansans desperately need medical care, and the Senator has refused to move forward on expansion.”In a statement released after the meeting with Kelly, Denning indicated that Republicans hoped to come up with a version of Medicaid expansion different than the one Kelly is pushing to pass this legislative session and would be prepared to take up the issue next session.“We committed to Governor Kelly on working from May through December to have a Medicaid expansion bill ready and debated in January when we return for session,” Denning said. “Governor Kelly had no interest in waiting for a better bill…Governor Kelly wants Medicaid expansion so bad in her first year that she is willing to get it bad.”Holscher said she believes the state needs to move past the policies of the Brownback years, and focus on creating a stable environment for state finances and fully funding K-12 schools.“Education and fiscal stability are very important,” Holscher said. “They have been a struggle for our current senator.”On Thursday afternoon, Denning released a statement responding to Holscher’s announcement, pointing to a variety of policies he had promoted during his time in Topeka, including his work to fix the “Brownback tax plan loophole during the 2017 legislative session.”“Leadership can be challenging and leaders at times have to make decisions that aren’t necessarily popular,” Denning said. “Over her short time in Topeka, Rep. Holscher has shown that she’s only willing to make decisions that are politically popular and favorable at the time. Rep. Holscher hasn’t shown a willingness to lead, but rather [to] follow the current trends.”Although she has kicked off her candidacy for the state Senate, Holscher said she won’t be actively campaigning out of the gate considering the vote won’t occur until November 2020.“I’m always out there in the community, and that will continue, but I don’t think people want candidates knocking doors this early, especially because we have so many other local races still to come this year,” she said. “But starting early does have benefits, and it gives you more than ample time for fundraising.”last_img read more

What Do Great Musicians Have in Common? DNA

first_imgScientific American:At age 13, jazz great Thelonious Monk ran into trouble at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. The reason: he was too good. The famously precocious pianist was, as they say, a “natural,” and by that point had won the Apollo’s amateur competition so many times that he was barred from re-entering. To be sure, Monk practiced, a lot actually. But two new studies, and the fact that he taught himself to read music as a child before taking a single lesson, suggest that he likely had plenty of help from his genes.The question of what accounts for the vast variability in people’s aptitudes for skilled and creative pursuits goes way back — are experts born with their skill, or do they acquire it? Victorian polymath Sir Francis Galton — coiner of the phrase “nature and nurture” and founder of the “eugenics” movement through which he hoped to improve the biological make-up of the human species through selective coupling — held the former view, noting that certain talents run in families.Read the whole story: Scientific American More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

Praxair announces June 1 price increase

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Prompt payment: The other credit crunch

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